Unifying the physical and cyber security technologies for a common good.


Let us help safeguard your business' intellectual property, proprietary information, assets, and your customers' and employees' personal information by controlling the physical access where these items are stored, set security controls and processes for granting access to the information and assets, and provide continued monitoring to protect them.

Perimeter and Access Control
Access control restricts the entrance to a property to only authorized personnel. This control is achieved by combining mechanical and technological means. The system grants access based on an access control list with single or two factor authentication. Single factor can use credential card/token or a PIN. Two factor authentication uses a combination of a credential card/token, key, and a second credential such as PIN or biometric input. Access Control can be integrated to a local and/or enterprise computer domain or isolated. The access control can also be integrated to an alarm system and central monitoring station and a video surveillance system.
Perimeter control is the mechanical and electronic means to protect the external perimeter of the facility. The external protection of the facility can be integrated to an alarm system and central monitoring station and a video control system.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security is the process of applying security measures and controls to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data while in transit or stored. The threat is reduced by creating security plans for internal and external threats tailored to the business. Security plans include risk assessment, penetration testing, audit and accountability, vulnerability assessment, and access control.

Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance or Video Monitoring systems are commonly used for crime deterrence and to trigger events and actions based on the detection of motion in predetermined video zone(s). These systems can be integrated to the existing IP network and to the perimeter and access control system to document the authorized access and unauthorized attempts into a facility. Specialized License Plate Reader cameras can document the ingress and egress for commercial fleet and private vehicles into your facilities. The Video Monitoring can assist to the supervision of personnel in production areas, shipping and receiving, construction sites, and industrial areas for occupational safety, project progress, and work productivity.

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