Robotic Automation

Emulating human interactions with digital systems to manipulate applications, capture data, and perform an array of repetitive tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that allows a "robot" to emulate human interactons with computer applications. The "robot" can execute, manipulate files, extract and interpolate data from different document sources to forms, compare data results, generate reports, and more.

RPA is accurate. The "robot" executes a set of scheduled predetermined rules and parameters on a consistent manner and mistake free.

RPA is expandable.  The "robot" can be programmed to accept new rules, extend or modify the parameters on demand, and schedule its execution based on the work demands.

RPA is profitable. The "robot" utilizes the existing infrastructure in a non-disruptive manner to execute repetitive and/or time-demading tasks and allows employees to focus on high-return tasks.

SYNTECh will assist you identify existing processes and analyze its automation viability.  RPA will improve productivity by blending those procesess into a single repetitive automated workflow.

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